Greentown Overseas’ Establishment Press Conference

On January 10, the establishment press conference of Greentown Overseas Real Estate Ltd. was held in the Azure Qianjiang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, signifying that Greentown’s overseas strategy was officially launched.

Greentown’s CEO Cao Zhounan, Executive Officer Ying Guoyong and Li Yongqian, Vice President Feng Zheng and Yang Wei, the leaders of Greentown’s four wholly-owned subsidiary companies, as well as the Consul General of British in Shanghai Wu Qiaowen, Chief Representative of the Australian Consulate General in Shanghai Wang Hengyan who is in charge of investment in Greater China Region and some other distinguished guests attended the establishment ceremony, jointly witnessing the opening up of Greentown Overseas Real Estate Ltd.

Carry out 10 Projects on Three Continents Within Five Years

CEO Cao Zhounan mentioned in his speech that during the 13th Five-Year Plan, Greentown will continuously focus on the key cities in Australia, North America and Southeast Asia, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities. Greentown plans to carry out at least 10 overseas projects and reserves more than 200 billion yuan of overseas sales. Furthermore, Greentown will seek opportunities to expand business in the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries.

Executive Officer Li Yongqian introduced the achievements which were made by Greentown in 2016 and now Greentown aims to develop real estate project both at home and abroad. In the process of going out, Greentown will seek opportunities of cooperative development with other partners, including our largest shareholder CCCG, as well as some local well-known real estate developers.

Uphold the Spirit of Craftsmen and Live up to Each Inch of Land

Greentown Overseas’ General Manager Zhang Meng said that in the process of developing overseas real estate, Greentown will make full use of internal resources, especially our skilled capability of construction and design. At the same time, we will also actively employ external resources as a platform for cooperation. CCCG, the major shareholder of Greentown, has been developing overseas real estate for many years and possesses abundant high quality resources in aspects of business partnership, customers and talent in over 150 countries.

Consul General Wu Qiaowen, who was greatly impressed by Greentown’ insistence on product quality, also extended his best wishes to Greentown Overseas.

Wherever Greentown goes, it will adhere to the core values of "Sincerity, Kindness, Refinement and Perfection”, so as to live up to each inch of land both at home and abroad.
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